Our Mission: A nonprofit connecting families of fallen soldiers through a summer camp experience providing encouragement, inspiration,and adventure.

              Your Volunteer Team At CampLIFE!          

Volunteer Board Members

Peter Dawson

 Southbury, CT
 been serving CampLIFE! since 2004

 day job: Delta Air Lines Pilot

 fun fact: completed his first Ironman 
                     in November 2012


Chrisma Jackson
  Albuquerque, NM

  been serving CampLIFE! since 2004

  day job: National Security Manager

  fun fact: enjoys the camaraderie of
     training for cycling & running events


Roger Duong

  Houston, TX

  been serving CampLIFE! since Aug 2009

  day job: Geometry Teacher

  fun fact: weighs the same as
           he did in middle school


Volunteer Staff Members

Heath Larson - Grant Writing
Sara Dawson -
Tim Toole - Photography

Volunteer Board Advisers

Tina Bass - Licensed Professional Counselor

Embarrassing photo's coming soon!
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