Our Mission: A nonprofit connecting families of fallen soldiers through a summer camp experience providing encouragement, inspiration,and adventure.

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        Our story began with a belief in community and compassion.  After 5 years of a successful operation through support from friends and family, a Board of Directors was recruited straight from volunteers attending camp to delegate, inspire and secure the success of the organization.  With no absolute structure, a structure was created.  With no defined future, the future is inspiring.  Without a written set of legal mumbo jumbo, the organization allowed the community to develop a program to fit their real needs.  The founder's purpose and design has been maintained by the board. 

      We've continually supported the operation through 100% volunteers.  "We've talked about hiring several times, but people always stepped up.  This proves our success within the community." - Pete says.  These financial records should prove efficiency, but you'll notice that it's not just about controlled overhead, it's about impact!  What we do with your money has no waste.  We don't own anything, but a bounce house. We don't pay anyone for time, but their time is priceless.  Our campers and our staff make up a community that's worth supporting. 

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