Our Mission: A nonprofit connecting families of fallen soldiers through a summer camp experience providing encouragement, inspiration,and adventure.

Mission Statement: A non-profit connecting families of fallen heroes through a summer camp experience providing encouragement, inspiration, and adventure.

           CampLIFE! was founded on the principles of James 1:27 of the Bible - "Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world". In 2002, John and Lynette Gillis took those words to heart and welcomed a few dozen kids from the Methodist Children's Home in Waco, Texas for a weekend of water skiing, canoeing, sailing and other fun camp activities. John's family and friends were a majority of volunteers and contributors creating a weekend retreat filled with fun, laughter and memories.  Team Gillis continues to contribute to the camps, the board and the inspiration towards incredible leadership and potential within the organization.


       The organization is still defined by it's community.  We thrive because our volunteers and beneficiaries have shaped our impact into perfection. After serving the Methodist Children's Home for 4 years the organization joined forces with the families of fallen soldiers.  Learning from so many incredible families, we've evolved into a unique, nondenominational summer camp retreat confidently providing resilience lessons using kid's most enjoyable activities.  Our belief in the family camp philosophy creating a stronger and more resilient child has proven itself.  CampLIFE! isn't a grief camp. We don't teach children how to cope with tragedy, we focus on ways to everyone can become more confident and contributing members of a team resulting in a more resilient person. 

      In response to so many questions throughout the 2013 year, the board of directors adapted the mission statement from "soldiers" to "heroes" in order to recognize all of the men and women who defend and protect and serve American lives.  These heroes will include the career and volunteer police, fire, emergency response, and military surviving families. We invite you to become a part of the organization which remains 100% volunteers, community focused and strives at impacting the lives of heroes who've protected and/or defended your life with their own.


         The nature of CampLIFE!, Inc. is to provide resilience education for children and families that are in need of such service.  We will provide the service for free.  The organization’s use of summer camp retreats and activities is designed to build friendships, self confidence and mental strength towards life.  Resilience is the capacity to rise above difficult circumstances and will remain the lesson focus.  The current mission supported by the Board of Directors is: A nonprofit connecting the families of fallen heroes through a summer camp experience including inspiration, challenge, and adventure.  We will support and maintain tax exemption and reporting as standard to IRS Section 501(c)3 and affiliated states. Our staff, directors, and volunteers will never receive compensation for tasks associated with the organization.  Consideration of payment for temporary professional services will be upheld by a unanimous vote of all directors.  Any partner/partnership acknowledged by the organization does not include any statements or missions of the partner, but is recognition of affiliation for the better service of each group.  A partnership is only made for basic marketing intentions in reflection of CampLIFE!’s commitment to the best possible free service.  Each partner either serves the same group or community and/or is in cooperation to contribute to the services provided by this organization.  Most important is the kids, the families, and the volunteers.

CampLIFE! is a non-profit, 501(c)3 established, grant receiving organization that is considered a 
"model non-profit" by Texas area foundation and educational institutions. 
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